Hi, I’m Loic.

I’m currently in the last year of my veterinary degree. I run a small photo/video business and am learning to code.

This personal website acts as a showcases for recent projects, a photo/video portfolio and a blog to share resources I think people will find interesting.

What I’m working on.

  1. As of 2022, I’m traveling around Australia completing my last year of veterinary placements. Whilst being thrown in the deep end, I’m creating resources to help others survive vet school.
  2. I’m still teaching myself to code whenever I get a spare moment.
  3. Also adding the final touches to an old van I converted into a camper. Learning to set up electronics, use panel saws and basic carpentry. It’s coming along well, images to come in a later post.


world organisation for animal health automatic report retriever thumbnail

WAHIS Report Retriever

Coding / Programming

A command-line tool to help epidemiologist gather animal disease reports from the World Organisation for Animal Health’s WAHIS database.


Aussie Van Builds

YouTube Series

A small YouTube series that showcases Australians who have built campers out of cars, vans and busses. Aproximately 183,000 views so far.

Different Dwellings

YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel that showcases unique dwellings and the people that crafted them. Approximately 88,480 views so far.

From the blog.

Quick access to tunes.