Best Free Internet Resources for Business and Education

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This post contains is a collection of useful resources and businesses tools that I have consistently used. It should be be useful to most people who work and study from laptops.

Graphic Design

Free Imagery

Photo / Video







    • design, illustration and prototyping application
    • generous free account offers
    • ipad/iphone app
    • handdrawing illustrations, some animation and 3D illustration
  • Adobe Suite
    • You’ve heard of this before
    • Expensive, but it’s the industry standard in a lot of industries!
  • Alfred
    • Mac only
    • Search anything on you mac or the internet all with a shortcut
    • a better way to interact with your mac, I’ve used this shortcut an average of 40times a day.

Design Inspiration


Email Marketting

    • Allows you to compare email service providers, notably the rate at which your email gets marked as “spam” for each major email service provider.

SEO and Research

  • Ahrefs
    • paid, expensive
  • Semrush
    • paid, expensive
  • Similarweb
    • Competitor website analysis and comparison
    • Lists most popular pages, trafic, sources etc.
  • Keywords Everywhere
    • This little chrome tool is worth it’s weight in gold. Generous free-mium version with the ability to add credits without a subscipriont.
    • I love this tool as it gives you at a glance overview of search term competition and suggestions – gives lots of business ideas
    • shows you monthly search volume, CPC and competition data of keywords on multiple websites
  • Best SEO Tools List
    • List of other tools that are useful for SEO

Writing / Copywriting

  • Headlime
    • Paid
    • Write better marketing copy faster with AI.
    • Paid, nice intro offer though
    • AI generated copywriting for articles, titles, thumbnails, mission statements etc.
    • Parses text and suggests improvements to maintain readability and engagement. Sounds shit, but is really useful.


Hiring Contractors

General Work

  • UpWork
    • Hire remote workers for one off or continued jobs
    • Literally anything from video editing to content writing and 3d model design etc


Salary Comparison

  • Get Paid, Not Played (google doc)
    • Open source google dock for salary comparison in Australia

Digital Nomad Resources


Hopefully some of these end up being useful to you. If you find a tool that you think belongs on this list please reach out!